To my clients, followers, and supporters:


Four years ago, I started selling decorated sugar cookies out of my one bedroom apartment to make ends meet between jobs. I had never run a business before or sold any of my baked goods, but my now-husband pushed me to make it my main job - to own my time and be my own boss. I was terrified, but with his encouragement I made a website and Texas Wildflours Bakery was born.


My family and friends rallied around me to buy cookies, and soon enough folks were asking for more than cookies. I started baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes. Then folks I didn’t know started to place orders. Soon I was doing private tastings for wedding and event cakes and desserts, and booking orders for people to celebrate their most special occasions. I was finding my groove.


But like all small businesses this year, 2020 came for me. Nearly all of my booked orders needed to be rescheduled or cancelled. Once again, my community rallied around me and helped keep TWB’s head above water and executing orders in the chaos of this year. Though I am extraordinarily blessed to live in a multi-income household and we have survived, 2020 initiated change for us. 


One such change is a change of location for my family. In 2021, we plan to move out of Texas in search of a homestead that we can build to be self-sustaining. While I am sad to be leaving the only home I’ve ever known and this incredible community behind, I am embracing this change with an open heart and an open mind. 


Plunging head first down a new path in a new state means that as of January 2, 2021, Texas Wildflours Bakery’s books are closed. That is to say, I will not be accepting any new orders for 2021 or beyond.


If you wanted to order a cake from me, but missed the chance, YOU STILL HAVE A CHANCE! I am holding a raffle with 3 prizes until January 18, 2021. Proceeds from the raffle will go to local organizations dedicated to improving and investing in the lives of BIPOC in our community, fighting to end systemic racism, and ending police brutality. Organizations include Austin Justice Coalition (, Black Mamas ATX (, and the African American Youth Harvest Foundation ( To enter, go to


For my clients with orders already booked for 2021: fear not! I would never abandon you and all orders with paid deposits will be executed as contracted. Please reach out to with an questions or concerns you may have.


To every single person that has ordered from me, worked for me, followed me on social media, shared my work, or encouraged me along the way: YOU built this business with me, and I am forever grateful for the opportunity to serve you and share my art with you.



With Deepest Gratitude,


Leah K. Black


Texas Wildflours Bakery


An Open Letter from the Owner